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Cheating is a moral issue where there are no gray areas. There’s only black and white.
Solita Monsod ("Black, white and gray," Philippine Daily Inquirer, 3 September 2005) and Carmen Pedrosa ("Black and white," Philippine Star, 4 September 2005) dispute this statement, attributed to Bill Luz of the Black and White Movement, especially the suggestion that accusations of wrongdoing are enough to "prove" guilt.
"The Philippines is going to be hot shit informationally speaking," Avi says. "The government has its flaws, but basically it’s a democracy modeled after Western institutions. Unlike most Asians, they do ASCII. Most of them speak English. Longstanding ties to the United States. These guys are going to be big players, sooner or later, in the information economy."
Scott Garceau quotes from Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon in "Wired in Manila" (Philippine Star, 4 September 2005).
Americans conducted more than 4.8 billion searches in July—a 22% increase over July of last year... But who needs 14,120,000 results in response to a simple question? People don't want a list—they want an answer.
Check out what's coming on the search engine front in "On the Frontier of Search" by Terry McCarthy (Time, 5 September 2005).
Hundreds of libraries across the nation turn over lists of recalcitrant borrowers to companies like Unique Management Services, an Indiana-based collection agency that specializes in libraries. Forget to return that book for more than 120 days, and even your credit rating can take a hit.
"Your Friendly Local Library?" by Maggie Sieger (Time, 5 September 2005) indicates that there seems to be money to be made in unreturned books... at least in the United States.

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