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Filipina: Google AdSense

If you use Google AdSense for your website or blog and have joined the Yan ang Pinay Googlebombing campaign, then you may have noticed that ads "selling" Filipinas appear on your site, especially if you have a new post about the . This, of course, is unacceptable for those of us who wish to promote a more balanced image of the Filipina online.

What can we do? It's been suggested that we should click on these ads so that advertisers will lose money because we're not interested in availing of their services, anyway. And maybe they'll stop advertising because they see that it's not working... but I sincerely doubt that this will happen.

Some have also removed ads altogether or accepted that it's a fact of life. Well, don't despair, AdSense has competitive ad filters, which you can use to "ban" the ads that you don't want to appear on your site. If you can set up an AdSense account, then I'm sure you can figure out how to use the filters. See "Competitive Ad Filters" and "Filtering Ads" for more information.

Once you've figured out how it's done, you can start blocking ads. You can do this by identifying the ads as they appear, or you can start by copying the list of ads I've already blocked on my blog:

Please let me know if you find other ads that I should block.

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