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FO: Books and Articles

Pupu Platter was the name of a column that Ari Ngaseo used to write for a campus magazine. The column was named after an item that is usually found in the menus of Americanized Chinese restaurants. The blog, however, has nothing to do with food.

Instead, Ngaseo's blog is a repository of Filipiniana: book covers, excerpts (entire chapters!), tables of contents, and abstracts of articles published in English-language academic journals. Most of the materials are on Philippine history and culture. There are also occasional tips, such as how the New Left Review may be accessed for free.

The site is perfect for those who would like to scan books that can't be found in local bookstores, read chapters of out-of-print books, or look for books and articles for a bibliography. And, of course, librarians looking for books to acquire or articles that users need should bookmark this site.

Check out the sidebar, too, because it has:

  • Ngaseo's email address, which will be very useful if you want to ask for soft copies of the articles;
  • the search box at the bottom, which makes it possible to search the entire blog; and
  • the list of online booksellers, which will be helpful for those who would like to buy any of the featured books.

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