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Collaborative Blogs

More blogs are becoming group efforts. The following are a few of the latest ones that I know about:

  • Pinoy Teachers Network - Filipino and Filipina teachers, both here and abroad, have come together to promote their profession. What's interesting is that it's taking on the character of a real school: the core group has a [school] director, a legal adviser, a parent representative, and two librarians! (Disclosure: I'm one of the two; Zarah is the other one.)

  • Pinoy Tech Blog - It's billed as "the Philippines' premier technology blog," where you can find the latest tech news, tips and recommendations. Clair Ching, Filipina librarian, is one of the techies who writes for the blog. Who says librarians can't use computers?

  • Pinoy Atbp. - Filipinos and Filipinas working overseas also have their own blog, which they use to reminisce about a specific topic or theme that is uniquely Filipino—and practice their native language, too. I like it a lot because there's a photo of a librarian in the sidebar... guess who? =)

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