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LLE 2005: Applying in Person

I don't know if it's possible to have a proxy file an application for the Librarians' Licensure Examination, but because applicants are screened at the gate, companions (e.g., parents, friends, fixers) are not allowed inside, and an applicant's signature is required on many forms, it is still best that an individual apply in person.

WHAT YOU NEED. Bring a black ballpen, pencil, paste, money (600 pesos for the examination fee, plus lunch, snacks, etc.) and coins. These are the minimum; if you want to bring extra ballpens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, they will probably make your life easier. And make sure you have all the documents listed below:
  1. Transcript of records with special order, date of graduation and scanned photo (Note: The last requirement is not indicated on the PRC website, but your school registrar should be aware of this requirement)
  2. Original and photocopy of NSO-issued birth certificate (see "Librarians' Licensure Examination 2005" to see why this is very important)
  3. Four (4) passport-size, colored pictures with white background and complete name (Note: You can actually have your picture taken outside the PRC office at a price similar to or even lower than studios elsewhere.)
  4. Current community tax certificate (cedula)
  5. Certificate of good moral character issued by current employer, local barangay official, parish priest or religious minister/pastor
  6. If you are female and married: Original and photocopy of NSO-issued marriage contract in NSO security paper
Once you have all the required documents, you're ready to file your application.

GETTING THERE. Consult the location map or the list of regional offices to determine where you will file your application. If you will be filing at the central office and are coming from EDSA, the easiest way is to get off at Quezon Avenue and take an FX headed for Manila. You will pass by Welcome (or Mabuhay) Rotonda and University of Santo Tomas (UST) on EspaƱa. After UST, there is an overpass; McDonald's and KFC are on the right. Get off here and cross over to the other side, where you will see Chowking and Greenwich. Turn left at Greenwich and—voila!—you're there.

GOING IN. If you are at the gate before 8 am, and your documents are all in order, it is very likely that you will be finished before 12 noon. Line up at the gate where the guard will make sure that you are an applicant before passing you on to the checker who will look at your documents and give you the required forms.

FILLING UP THE FORMS. Check out the lines; sometimes you can actually fill up the forms while waiting in line. Before filling up any form, make sure that you read all the instructions. Follow the instructions. There are forms where you need to use a ballpen; others, a pencil. You need to paste your photo on the forms; staples are not allowed. School, course and zip codes will be required for certain forms; these are available near the post office (if you can't find them, ask the checker). Make sure you've filled up all the blanks. Write "not applicable" where applicable =)

PAYMENTS. You will need to pay for the examination fee (600 pesos) and for documentary stamps for your application and documentary stamps for the mailing envelope (Note: The stamps are for two different things). It's better if you have coins for the metered stamps. Finally, receipts will be issued for all the official requirements you need to pay for, so make sure that you are dealing with the right people by always asking for a receipt.

You may also wish to check out Republic Act No. 9246 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

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