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Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day will be celebrated at PUP Sta Mesa on Saturday, September 10. But what exactly is "software freedom"? No, it does not refer to freedom to buy pirated software (you can do that already); the term refers to software that is freely available and which users can customize to suit their needs. Free and open source software (F/OSS) include Firefox, Linux and OpenOffice.org.

Who should attend Software Freedom Day? Clair Ching, a Filipina librarian, is quoted in "RP Software Freedom Day celebration to target youth" by Erwin Lemuel Oliva:

...we target the youths to compose the bulk of the participants. Future leaders [that] they are, the youth deserve to learn new stuff as early as possible. Of course, everybody else is welcome, like teachers, government, and non-government workers, and kids.
For more information, see "F/OSS Events this September!" and "More on Software Freedom Day."

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