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FO: Biyahe Tayo!

Biyahe Tayo!"Biyahe Tayo!" is a song about the interesting things that visitors (both local and foreign) can see, eat or do in different places in the Philippines. "Let's go travel with the family" is my translation of the lyrics in the photo above.

The song was performed by 21 Filipino artists and was, according to Magic Sing, "composed by Rene Nieva [Note: Nieva is identified as the lyricist on other sites]. Rico Blanco, Mike Villegas and Angelo Villegas did the musical arrangement. Noel Nieva directed the making and editing of the music video."

Check out the sidebar of Anda Beach Bohol to watch the video without opening a player, and Lakbay Pilipinas to read the lyrics and to play and/or download the file (mpg or wmv).

If you would like to visit the places shown in the video, I suggest you visit Wow Philippines and TravelBlog before calling your travel agent.

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