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Outstanding Librarians of the Year

How do you "sell" librarians? Simple. Let people know that librarians are not nameless, faceless people. That we exist. I am particularly frustrated when libraries are featured in the newspapers and the writer quotes so many people except the librarian, whose name is not even mentioned. How do you change the image of librarians? Not as simple, but we can start by telling people about the outstanding librarians.

Today I will begin a long-delayed series about outstanding librarians, as awarded by the Professional Regulation Commission since 1992. If you know a previous awardee or you are a previous awardee, please send a photo and the citation to von-dot-totanes-at-gmail-dot-com. I hope to eventually feature all the awardees.

I thought of doing this because when I was still working on my MLIS, I wondered whether there were any "famous" Filipino librarians. I searched online and off but found very few. I think I've written about all of them already (see Librarians).

And then I learned that there was such a thing as an award for the Outstanding Professional Librarian. But I could not find a list of previous winners anywhere. Well, I hope this can serve as the beginning of one.

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