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Volunteers Build Community Library

Aklatang Pambata [Children's Library], the community library being built "through the efforts of Laging Pahinungod, a volunteer organization of the University of the Philippines Diliman" has been featured in "Old house with a new role" by Julie M. Aurelio (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 September 2005). I hope they're able to raise the money they need because of the publicity the article will bring.

My only grouse is that Alistair Troy Lacsamana, the project’s overall coordinator, is not identified as a librarian. But don't mind me, I just dream of the day when a person is automatically identified as a librarian in news articles... like doctors, lawyers, etc.

Incidentally, check out Aklatang Pambata Online, which details the library's different activities and how volunteers can help. I've been wanting to write about it and how the private sector really seems to be taking on the role of establishing public libraries, but never quite found the time. Well, it looks like now's a good time =)

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