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Filipinos, English and American TV Shows

V Falcon Crest Lois and Clark Wonder Woman Perfect Strangers

Many Americans I've met since I arrived in the United States last month have been surprised that I speak English so well for someone who just got here. Well, I had to tell quite a few that English is the medium of instruction in Filipino schools. What I neglected to mention was that many of us grew up with American TV shows.

And now that AOL is going the way of Google (see "Will AOL Finally Go Free?"), we can go back in time by watching many of the TV shows from which we learned English and American culture—for free!—on In2TV, the "first broadband network" with the "largest collection of free TV shows anywhere on the web. Not just highlights or listings, but full-length TV episodes."

There are currently 43 shows to choose from, with the number of episodes per show ranging from one to 14. The 10 most interesting shows, either because I watched them, my mother liked them, or I heard they were good, are:

Eight Is Enough
Falcon Crest
Growing Pains
Jamie Foxx Show
Lois and Clark
Perfect Strangers
Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Welcome Back, Kotter
Wonder Woman
It's just too bad that non-Windows users like me can't access the shows...

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