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Plagiarist Reprimands Victim

The plagiarist left a comment.

I'm not going to react to everything he says because it's not worth it, but take a look at these: "maybe it would have been better if you'd asked..." and "...viewing a positively committed mistake as a negative is worse than committing plagiarism as admitted."

Ok, I apologize. I was wrong. I should have asked for permission before making the conclusion that what was published on another blog with no attribution to the original author was plagiarism. But wait! Isn't asking for permission what he should have done in the first place? What's going on?!!!

It really wasn't a big deal to me. It wasn't even a very important post for which I'd like to be acknowledged. I was just going to mention it once and let it go. But no, he had to give a lecture on ethics. And please note, the word "sorry" never appears in his comment. I don't know what email he's talking about, either.

The nerve!

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