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Primary and Secondary Schools,
and Colleges and Universities

Have you ever wondered whether the school you're sending your children to is accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd) or the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)? Well, you can always check the lists available online:

The lists of primary and secondary schools may be searched by region, division, school type and even keyword. Clicking on "view info" will show basic contact details, plus enrollment per grade/year level according to gender as of SY 2002-2003.

The lists may also be downloaded as Excel files. In fact, until 2004, this was the only option available. Sometime during the last two years, despite the constant musical chairs at DepEd, some good was accomplished.

The same is not true for the list of colleges and universities. These are divided into regions (i.e., one pdf file per region) and arranged alphabetically by school name. All courses are listed per university, but no summaries are shown; count them yourself! And you'd have to wade through 599 pages... just for NCR! =)

If you'd just like to visit school websites, the best alternative, though not complete, is the Open Directory Project's list of Colleges and Universities and the category on Education. This blogger is one of the category editors of the former. If you'd like to help improve the list, you may want to become an editor.

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