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Pinoy Top Blogs: How to Rank Higher

This post is part of a series about Pinoy Top Blogs. Previous posts: 1 2 3 4 5. All figures and lists are based on 29 June 2006 data.
Pinoy Top Blogs: Filipino Librarian
During the first week of July 2006, this blog zoomed up from the 40s to 13 (tip: click on the image above to see proof). Why? Pacquiao-Larios. This "accident" happened last January, too, to a lesser extent. Why? Pacquiao-Morales. It will, perhaps, be instructive to analyze how Pinoy Top Blogs (PTB) works in the context of what happens to this blog when Pacmania hits.

This blog usually averages about 200 unique hits (UH) a day. Once in a while, I come up with a list of useful sites for an event that's about to happen. For both Pacquiao fights, I wrote my posts a week before the event. These did not cause much movement on this blog's stats, so I know it wasn't Pinoy Blog that drove the traffic.
Filipino Librarian statistics pacquiaoA week later, when Google and other search engines had already presumably indexed the relevant pages and interest in the fights was peaking, this blog had more than 900 UH over two days for the first fight, and 1,360 UH over two days after the second fight. These aren't much compared to the really big bloggers' daily UH, but it was enough to catapult this blog to a higher ranking, especially after the second fight on July 2, when the numbers on PTB had just been reset.

What I can't really figure out, though, with so many other bloggers who wrote about the last fight, was why this blog seemed to be the only one that benefited from Pacmania. Maybe it was all those links. And the fact that I wrote about it a week earlier. Or maybe I'm just a nice guy. Maybe...

Anyway, other blogs have zoomed up PTB since the start of this month for one or more of the following reasons (please note that I'm just guessing here):
  • The blog already had a lot of UH, but the owner(s) put the PTB code on their blog only recently (e.g., Motorcycle Philippines, [m]channel!)
  • Scan some hot Angelica Panganiban photos and upload them for all the world to see (e.g., Kiven)
  • Get the birth of your blog announced at one of the highest-ranking blogs (e.g., DZRH Blog)
  • Install a chat box that will ensure that your UH doubles in less than a month and your TMH/UH ratio is 10 or higher, assuming of course that you have chatters hehehe (e.g., PinoyPSP)

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