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Pinoy Top Blogs: Frequency

This post is part of a series about Pinoy Top Blogs. Previous posts: 1 2 3 4. All figures and lists are based on 29 June 2006 data.
Pinoy Top Blogs: Frequency
Almost half of the blogs in the Top 50 are updated daily. Some are updated more than once a day, like Inside PCIJ, which is a group blog.

But frequency of posting is, of course, unpredictable. Sometimes it depends on the political climate, the blogger's enthusiasm, or even the availability of a computer or Internet connection.

What I found most surprising, however, was the fact that some blogs that are not updated very often ranked so high on the list. Splasher, 1001lives and Pinoy Pundit were not updated at all last June, but they were Top 16, 23 and 25, respectively, by 29 June 2006.

The first obviously has some SEO magic behind it, but the second and third must really just have a lot of readers. I would have wanted to look at length of posts, number of comments, advertising, etc., but maybe someone else will have time for that =)

Tomorrow, I'll go into the reason I started this in the first place: classification. I'll also explain why there is an "Unknown" in the Frequency chart.

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