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Pinoy Top Blogs: Demographics

This post is part of a series about Pinoy Top Blogs. Previous posts: 1 2. All figures and lists are based on 29 June 2006 data.
About half of the Top 50 blogs listed on Pinoy Top Blogs are owned by males, and most of the bloggers are based in the Philippines. It must be noted, though, that some bloggers did not disclose information about their gender or location. Or I simply wasn't able to find it.

And since I am a male librarian, I chose not to inflict others' assumptions about me based on my profession on other bloggers. For instance, Lyle (Pinoy R.N.) sounds like a man's name, but since s/he's a nurse, I preferred to play it safe, and count him/her under "unknown." I also decided not to email anyone for more information, and looked at the blogs on an as-is-where-is basis.

Pinoy Top Blogs: Gender
The charts pretty much speak for themselves, except that there are at least 7 blogs that are owned by only 3 bloggers. And so, it does not follow, for example, that if there are 24 blogs owned by males, then there are 24 unique male bloggers in the Top 50. In fact, the 5 overseas blogs owned by males are actually managed by only 3 individuals because Rickey and BatJay own 4 of the 5.

Pinoy Top Blogs: Location
Finally, the data here is very similar to the one found on Now What, Cat? but that study looked at Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs.

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