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Pinoy Top Blogs: URLs and Software

Updated 15 July 2006 to reflect the fact that one of the "Others" in the software chart is using a wiki.

This post is part of a series about Pinoy Top Blogs. All figures and lists are based on 29 June 2006 data. Previous posts: 1 2 3.
Almost 75 percent of the Top 50 blogs have their own uniform resource locator or URL (e.g., http://www.mine.com). The more technical term is "domain," and that costs money, which is what most of those who own the Top 50 blogs are spending.

Blogs like this one, on the other hand, are hosted for free, but we do get not-so-attractive URLs (e.g., http://mine.blogspot.com). The "Others" shown in the chart below include two on prepys.com and one each on wordpress.com and i.ph.

Pinoy Top Blogs: URLs
Another way of looking at this is by looking at the software used. Those on blogspot.com are, of course, using Blogger. It is possible to have your own URL and use Blogger at the same time, but I saw no evidence of this. Those classified under "Others" were using Movable Type, TypePad, Calliope, and a wiki.

At least 60 percent of the Top 50 downloaded WordPress, which makes it really weird that, as Kates Gasis says, there was "No Wordpress in Digital Tour." I suspect that the blogs using "Unknown" software are also using WordPress, but I have no real evidence.

Pinoy Top Blogs: Software

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