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Yabang Pinoy

The word "mayabang"—which most Tagalog speakers would probably translate into English as "arrogant"—has "yabang" as its root word. So why is a campaign that aims to "unite the Filipino people in believing in themselves and in fellow Filipinos" called Yabang Pinoy?

Well, probably because "ipagmalaki" (be proud) doesn't sound as catchy. Besides, taking a word like "yabang" with its negative connotation, and turning it into something positive, is representative of what the campaign aims to do with "Pinoy," the colloquial word for Filipino.

While there are very few Filipinos who would deny that they are Pinoy, most—like me—would not be able to say that they are proud of what's going on in our country today, especially in government. And that, I guess, is why we need Yabang Pinoy.

In "Brand Philippines," I asked, "could it be that Filipinos are less aware—or, perhaps, less proud—of their brand?" The people behind Yabang Pinoy, it seems, were thinking the same thing.

Click on the image above to see how you can help promote pride in being Filipino. Better yet, buy the band and wear it!

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