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Vonjobi According to Other Bloggers

Sometimes, you find out what people say about you because they blog about you. And sometimes they write about you on the same day!

Here's what Rickey wrote: "As I told Von: things never change - he’s always been reliable and resourceful, and I’m always late! LOL." We talked about much more, but in the context of the situation, Rickey—who was my classmate for eight years, and a friend for many more—is right =)

Then there's Melchor Cichon who featured me in Fisheries Librarian, his new blog. Much of his post is based on what I've written in the past or answers to questions that he emailed to me—because we've never met.

This part is interesting: "Von, as he is fondly called by his friends, has elevated further the library profession in the Philippines by bringing closer the Filipino librarians to the world of the internet." I suppose he was exercising his poetic license, but I hope that, somehow, what he wrote will be true even for a few.

And just in case some of you think that I am a veteran librarian with a lot of experience under my belt, I'll just quote what he quoted from what I wrote (that rhymes!): "i haven't really been officially a librarian since i graduated and got my license in 2004... except on the blog. it's really ironic."

I've never been employed as a librarian. I worked in a library after graduation, but I was a records assistant. And then I taught at the University of the Philippines. But because of this blog, more people probably know me as "Filipino Librarian."

It's really ironic.

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