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Blogger Beta

The word "blogger" doesn't just refer to a person who blogs. It's also the software I use for this blog—Blogger (B.1). But just in case you didn't know it, there's a new Blogger Beta (B.2), which the people at Blogger are test-driving while they figure out how to migrate the millions of blogs from the old platform to the new one.

This blog is still on B.1, but I've converted Von's Archives the hard way by copying-and-pasting each of the three posts I had into another account in B.2. Actually, it was much more difficult than that.

One of the advantages with B.2 is that it allows me to log into Gmail and B.2 at the same time. However, since I can't merge my account on B.1 with the one on B.2 (due to migration problems), and I wanted to retain the URL vonjobi.blogspot.com, I had to login to B.1, copy my posts into Notepad, logout then login to B.2, set up a dummy Von's Archives blog, copy-and-paste my posts, logout and login to B.1, delete the original Von's Archives, logout then login to B.2, change the dummy blog's URL to vonjobi.blogspot.com, and then I was finally able to say that I had migrated from B.1 to B.2.

Was it worth it? Definitely. The most important feature for me was the ability to use "labels" on my posts. In case you haven't noticed, I've actually been manually categorizing my posts (see "Categories"). It's fairly simple, but not all that easy, especially if one post falls into different categories. With B.2, all I need to do is "tag" a post as I would on Flickr, and all other posts I've tagged the same way will appear if I so desire.

Those who've envied LiveJournal users, who can specify who gets to read their blog, can now do the same on B.2. And thanks to basangpanaginip, I hope to finally remove the not-so-useful Blogger bar on top of this blog (oops, it doesn't quite work for B.2 because reverting to the classic template removes layout changes).

But that's not all. Customizing the template can now be done without having to deal with HTML. You can move boxes around and click on "edit" if you'd like to add a link on the sidebar, among other things. And finally, the best thing I discovered is that there's no more need to republish to see the changes! It used to be that I had to save the changes I made to the template, and then republish, which takes quite some time. Now all I have to do is click on "Save." Actually, posting entries is also much faster now... on B.2.

Which brings me to the fact that I'm still posting this on B.1. As much as I'd like to migrate this blog to B.2 manually, there are just too many posts (i.e., more than 500).

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