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Wikimania 2006: David Weinberger on What's happening to knowledge?

David WeinbergerThe final session of Wikimania 2006 is about to start. David Weinberger will, presumably provide answers to the question, "What's happening to knowledge?"

Watch the live video here. The video should be up at the Wikimania Archives soon.

Weinberger started with a humorous nod to Lawrence Lessig's presentation. Lessig spoke while words that he said appeared on screen—quite impressive, actually. Weinberger did the same thing, except that the words he said didn't quite correspond to what appeared on screen. It was almost like the thoughts that go through our heads while we say what we don't really mean.

Now that he has started his presentation, I'm wondering whether his opening was truly just a joke...

He just ended. And I guess I was right. He closed by talking about knowledge and meaning. And acknowledged that he did start with a joke. But my over-reading nature makes a connection between what we know and what we hear someone say.

However, as Weinberger demonstrated through his joke, what we hear—or know—isn't necessarily what the speaker intended. Maybe the speaker was just being polite. Or he doesn't really mean what he says.

Or I may just be doing what Weinberger said of bloggers: that we take something very simple and complicate it =)

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