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Wikimania 2006: Opening Session with Jimmy Wales

Update as of 12:47 pm: Download the podcast here.

Wikimania 2006Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales started by showing a video of a comedian who went online during the show and made a change on the Wikipedia entry about his show. And he said that if enough people agree with his contribution, then it becomes reality... that's a joke, of course =)

Wikimania 2006It's basically a state of Wikipedia address with a lot of self-deprecating humor thrown in. Some interesting things: the Seigenthaler controversy led to more pageviews for Wikipedia than CNN according to Alexa.

Wikimania 2006A recent Nature article showed that Wikipedia is not too far behind Britannica, especially in the science entries. And now, he just announced that the One Laptop Per Child project will have Wikipedia as its first source of content.

Wikimania 2006But the most surprising thing I learned is that Wales is not an old man =)

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