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Celebrate with Filipino Librarian

Today, Filipino Librarian, this blog, is eighteen months old; Filipino Librarians, the Googlegroup, is one year old; and Filipino Librarian, this one, is 33 years young =)

When I started blogging, I had no idea where it would take me. But now I've learned so much, attended different kinds of conferences, been invited as a speaker and writer, made contact with people I never would have met offline, and answered more than just a few questions—whether posed to me or a search engine—along the way.

I was going to "renovate" this blog in time for this celebration, but I just don't have the technical know-how to take advantage of the new technology. I have tweaked it a little, though. There are at least four new links, and the sidebar is less cluttered now.

Celebrate with me by taking a look at the sidebar and clicking on the new links. Maybe some of it will translate into what this blog has not brought me so far: money =)

I am posting the photos below for the benefit of those who've been complaining that I rarely post photos of myself or talk about my family. Names of those who took the photos are in parentheses. Photos with no photographer indicated were taken by this blograrian... or the waiter.

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