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Blogging Librarians

Walt Crawford has published "Looking at Liblogs: The Great Middle" (pdf | html), a slightly different (oh, by about 150 blogs) follow-up to last year's "Investigating the Biblioblogosphere."

This year, in addition to this blog, Crawford has included School Librarian in Action (SLIA), which has the 24th longest average length of posts among the 213 covered by the study.

Incidentally, Zarah Gagatiga—the owner of SLIA, and who was blogging even before I did—will be the speaker at "The Role of [the] Blog in the Library: Pros and Cons" at the Manila International Bookfair on 31 August 2006. Check it out!

It looks like more and more Filipino librarians are getting interested in blogging. This is the second time a library association is sponsoring a talk on blogging. The first, as far as I know, was the one I did for PAARL.

Maybe in a year's time, there will be enough so that Crawford can devote a whole section to Filipino librarian blogs =)

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