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Free Library Software

The software listed below are more commonly known among librarians as integrated library software (ILS). There are, of course, commercial software available, but since many libraries in the Philippines have limited budgets, only free software have been included in the list.

"Free," however, is relative. Most can be downloaded for free, but those without websites will require that you go to them personally and bring a CD on which to copy the software. They can also provide the CD and mail it to you... for a small fee.

Training and support are the do-it-yourself kind, unless you would like to pay others to do it for you... for a larger fee. Not as large as the commercial vendors' fees, of course, but it wouldn't be free.

Please leave comments below if you have installed and/or used any of the software for the benefit of others who may wish to download them. I have not installed any of them myself, so please don't ask me for help =)

Institution: UNESCO
Contact: Institute of Library and Information Science (ILIS)
Tel. No.: +632-9818500 loc 2869

Individuals/institutions must register to download the software. Or contact ILIS, the local distributor, which will be holding a WinISIS Workshop on 16-18 October 2006.

Note: CDS/ISIS is not, strictly speaking, ILS. But it's still being used and people are still asking about it, so...

Institution: Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University
Contact: Gerry Laroza
Email: glaroza-at-ateneo-dot-edu
Tel. No.: +632-4266001 loc 5800

Koha | Download
Support: Free | Paid

OpenBiblio | Download
This one looks like it's truly open source software with no "owner." You'll just have to start with the forums and figure it out yourself =)

PhpMyLibrary | Download
Contact: Polerio Babao III
Tel. No.: +632-8300639

Institution: Environmental Studies Institute Library, Miriam College
Contact: Romy Sebastian
Email: rej2k2-at-gmail-dot-com
Tel. No.: +632-4359240 loc 266

Copies of the software will be distributed at a one-day training session to be held on 28 August 2006.

SciNET-Phil Library Management System | Download
Institution: Science and Technology Information Institute, DOST
Contact: Joseph Esguerra
Email: jayjay-at-dost-dot-gov-dot-ph
Tel. No.: +632-8377519

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