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Wikimania 2006: Wikis in Libraries

About 60 percent of the 40 people who attended the panel on "Wikis in Libraries" were librarians or library students. The more surprising fact for me was that we weren't all librar* people. Maybe the others were super patrons...

Meredith Farkas (blog | slides) discussed Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki, the second wiki she set up, and mentioned her experience as creator of the ALA Chicago 2005 Wiki, too.

Mary Carmen Chimato (blog | slides) walked through the process she went through and decisions that needed to be made before they got their limited-access HSC Library Wiki up and running on TWiki. Now they're discussing the creation of other wikis, including public ones.

Ellyssa Kroski (blog) shared her experience setting up a pilot wiki for tough reference questions at Columbia University's Butler Library.

Maureen Clements, who works at National Public Radio, discussed what happened after their wiki launch and how some people freaked out at the prospect of losing their print copies from the library, but others saw the possibilities, too.

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