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Wikimania 2006: Reference Work Publishing

What are representatives of publishers of "dead-trees encyclopedias" doing at a conference that is known for its Wikipedia connection?

The panelists, from left, are: John Dove, CEO of xrefer, which aggregates hundreds of encyclopedias and other publications; Erin McKean, editor-in-chief of U.S. dictionaries for Oxford University Press; and Paul Gazzolo, president of World Book.

Dove, who has actually edited Wikipedia entries, said that his company will most likely start gathering Wikipedia content once "stable entries" are the norm. Gazzolo expressed his admiration for what Wikipedians have done and interest in working with them. McKean tackled the "why" of dictionaries and told Wikipedians that dictionary makers now don't have to follow the established tradition.

In answer to a final question regarding how Wikipedians can know that they've been successful, McKean said that success will be achieved if there are happy users and happy producers, Gazzolo emphasized that users should not be one-time visitors but repeat customers, and Dove spoke of fostering a sense of true inquiry, instead of just sticking to the facts.

Not quite controversial. Maybe a representative from Encyclopedia Britannica should have been there =)

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