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Laptop Adspace for Rent

Just in case anyone's interested, my laptop lid is for rent. Sacha Chua started it, and Stowe Boyd and J. Angelo Racoma picked it up. The only advantage I have over them is that I have photos—taken by Jove, Punzi and Rani at different events—to prove that people pay attention when I'm live-blogging =)

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I've live-blogged in Manila (Consal XIII, FEAC, iblog2), Singapore (A-LIEP), the US (SSP, SLA 2006, Wikimania), and Canada (SLA 2005). However, unlike Sacha (!), no one has yet suggested that I put ads on my bare chest. But I will be using my laptop a lot at the University of Toronto campus, and am likely to attend more conferences in the next four years.

If you're interested, email me at von-dot-totanes-at-gmail-dot-com. We can discuss what you want, and price it accordingly =)

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