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Filipiniana Online

From time to time, Filipiniana materials available online will be featured here. The following definition of Filipiniana will be used:

Books and non-book materials about the Philippines, produced in or outside the Philippines, by Filipinos or non-Filipinos, in any of the Philippine languages, or in a foreign language.

—Isagani Medina, “Collection Building: Filipiniana,” in Developing Special Library Collections, Filipiniana: Proceedings, November 24-26 (Manila: Philippine Librarians Association, 1992), quoted in Salvacion M. Arlante and Rodolfo Y. Tarlit, "The State-of-the-Art of Filipiniana Collections in the Philippines," in Sanghaya 2001 (Manila: National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2001).
Please feel free to suggest resources to be featured.

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